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Battle Flashlight Review – Does It Work?


battle tactical flashlightThe Battle Flashlight has been tried and tested by military, police, and special forces units around the USA and it has become a “Go-To” for these officers. Now it is available to the public and you can get your hands on this awesome tactical flashlight. One tool that will always be needed in times of stress or even just to walk the dog at night is a flashlight.

What happens to most flashlights over time is they corrode or go bad due to water or time. You can be sure that this flashlight has been tested to last under the most extreme conditions. Being made from ultra durable air craft aluminum you can rest assure that this flashlight will last and be a tool that you can depend on.

Sometimes, people assume that there is no need of having a tactical flashlight since we are almost always surrounded by electricity. Whenever there’s a blackout, most people have a generator that kicks on automatically. However, have you ever thought about what you would do if the generator doesn’t kick on or the blackout lasts longer than expected? Luckily, there’s a solution, a revolutionary flashlight that is brighter than anything you’ve ever used. The Battle Flashlight helps you light your path in any situation for much longer beam distances than any other portable flashlight on the market.

What makes this flashlight even more useful is the fact that it can serve as more than just a flashlight. It has a special design constructed from the toughest of materials so that it can serve as a tactical weapon. That way, you can protect yourself in case of potential danger. Here is a summary and reviews of this new revolutionary tool that makes the Battle Flashlight more than just a flashlight.

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Hands on Specs of the Battle Flashlight

  • Bright: It comes with an exceptionally powerful LED lamp that throws a bright beam that sweeps the entire span of two football fields. With over 1,000 Lumens, the light can be spotted from over 2 miles away.
  • 5 Lighting Modes: With strobe, low, high, medium and SOS modes, you will always be ready for indoor lighting, self-defense and emergency situations
  • Tough: Unlike most of the other lighting tools out there, the Battle Flashlight is dust, dirt, water and shock resistant. Dropping it while you use it won’t affect it and you can even use it without any hesitation in the rain. In fact, during preliminary testing, a 10-ton truck drove over it and it stayed intact!
  • Light & Compact: This multi-purpose tool is crafted using a one-piece aviation grade aluminum. Therefore, it is quite light and with its small 8-inch body, you can slip it in any tiny space. Whether it’s your backpack, glove compartment or jeans. It even comes with a belt clip that can help you put it by your side whenever you need to.

Where Can You Use the Battle Flashlight?

Here are a couple of situations where this lighting tool will come in handy.

  1. With its super bright light, you could easily stun or blind an assailant in case of a home invasion. Furthermore, its crenelated bezel can be an effective striking weapon.
  2. In case of a flat tire in the middle of nowhere at night, the SOS mode can help other drivers see you easily.
  3. If you are an outdoor junkie, it will come in handy for lighting your camping and warding off wild animals.

Battle Flashlight Reviews:

Being a Cadet Second Lieutenant, I have used a lot of flashlights before during combat and rescue missions. At first, I doubted this flashlight, I didn’t think it would match up to my military expectations but I tried it out anyway. I was super impressed by its performance. Its bright as hell and tougher than you would think. So far, the Battle Flashlight is the most powerful lighting tool I’ve ever used.

Jason Byrd, Denver, Colorado

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